Where Are Your Gaps?

Young professionals—those in the first 7 years of their career—expect more from their professional environment today. Expectations begin even before the interview process, continue during onboarding and extend throughout their tenure in your organization. Do you know where you’re missing the mark?

“My youngest employees are entitled. They expect promotion without earning it.”

“I should be promoted within my first year of employment.”

“Face to face communication is sometimes the best way to address conflict.”

“Why do we have to meet when we can email or IM?”

“I appreciate the enthusiasm, but ideas need to be connected to the business.”

“I frequently share new ideas but no one seems to listen or do anything with them.”

“Collaborating with others, especially if you have conflict, is a skill necessary for innovation.”

“If I’m working with someone I don’t like I should switch teams so I can be more productive.”

“This new generation needs too much recognition. They’re not going to get a trophy just for showing up.”

“If my manager is not giving frequent feedback, they’re not doing their job.”

“Work most often happens at work, not when you feel like it.”

“Work can happen anywhere and anytime, why do I need to be in an office?”

“Career Development is leader led, but employee owned.”

“My manager is responsible for progressing my career.”

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